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Knowledge can only take you so far!

There are scores of successful MBAs, Math graduates and even Doctorates who,
when they took the GRE, did not manage to get a 99 percentile.

You need the other ‘intangible’ qualities & smart Studying Strategies to make it

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Keiron, a GRE Winner, describes his preparation strategy
in his own words

GRE Math

I think most of the books available In the market today do not offer you enough
‘Tough’ problems In Quant, the kind you need to score In the high nineties.
Also, the GRE has more emphasis on Probability, a topic that most of the
standard books tend to ignore.

I focused on being familiar with the math tables, various formulae, especially in Geometry
& Mensuration and doing as many section tests as I could get hold of.

GRE Verbal- Reading Comprehension

If you find RC as your weak area, I would recommend reading ‘How to Read
Faster and Better’ by Norman Lewis. (This is available at Amazon.com)

The Reading Comprehension passages in the GRE are mostly on different
topics like Science, History, Arts, Society etc. Depending on you background
and interests, you will find at least 1 or 2 very easy.

It makes sense to get familiar with other topic that you do not normally come
across in your course work or recreational reading.

The strategy I used was to read the passage quickly to get a rough idea of what
the topic was about, and then to read bits required to answer each question

You are likely to find at least one question about the ‘Central Idea’ of the
passage, so the first quick read helps here.

For the other questions, you are likely to know which bit of the passage to read
again, so this strategy usually works quite well.

The dreaded Word List

I focused on mostly the high frequency words from various Books, with Barrons being the
core focus.

The problem with Baron was that even though it has 3500 words, the Webster dictionary
has many times more!!

So I first looked at the high frequency lists and then drilled down deeper into other lists.

However, the saving grace is that the New Gre does not focus on vocabulary, so I did not
spend too much time on it.

GRE Sentence Completion

My core strategy around this has been elimination.

What I studied for My GRE Prep

My  first step was with the Big Book –This should really be the first step In
your GRE preparation. This contains the real ‘retired’ GRE questions from past

In the first practice test I only got a 290.

Did not lose heart though. Went through all the answers, right or wrong, with a
fine tooth comb to identify which areas I needed to focus on.

If you expect a score of 310+, the questions here will seem to be easier than
the real GRE. The reason for that is this book has only a limited number of
‘Tough’ questions compared to the actual GRE.

You should use the Big Book for brushing up the fundamentals only, since quite a few of
the sections in the New Gre have question types different to what you will find in the big

GRE Course / Books that I followed

Barron's New GRE: Graduate Record Examination

This is a book every GRE aspirant is undoubtedly aware of.

Barron's Guide to the New GRE Exam stands out because its focus is on mastering the
"hard questions", i.e. the "level 4 and 5" questions on the GRE exam.

It is most famous for its word lists, containing arcane words the testers at ETS love to ask.

Read the book. You will totally believe that the people at ETS do not speak normal
English like the rest of us.

GRE Big Book, published by the Educational Testing Service.

It contains  question papers culled from the paper and pencil avatar of the GRE over
several years, and is published by the same people who set the tests, ETS.

This book is a must-have!

ETS was probably in a good mood when they released this book to the public--ETS
rarely releases so much official material at one time for such a low price.

Like all official materials, this book is unbeatable for quality of questions. None of the
other practice books can come close to the quality of questions you will find in this book.
Unsurpassed quantity: This book contains 27 actual, full tests that were administered in
the past. This number of tests is more than most people would ever need to practice.

However, this book contains NO explanations or strategies--it's pure practice. If you need
strategies or explanations, you will have to look elsewhere.

For whatever reason however, this book is now out of print. You will need to be creative
in finding a copy. You could try ebay.com:

Kaplan Higher Score on the GRE CD

This CD contains a diagnostic test, three full-length Computer Adaptive Tests and six
sectional tests, in addition to a few nifty tools.

The Verbal Ability Section is much tougher than what one is likely to find elsewhere (and
in the actual exam as well). The Quantitative Reasoning section is tougher as well.

So I took these scores with a pinch of salt!!

The PowerPrep CD

When you book your date to write the GRE, you will receive this CD from ETS.

My GRE Exam
The D Day Experience

I did not study or take any tests on the penultimate day. Just went though some
quant formulae and Words that I had jotted down.

Do not know anyone who has not felt some pangs before the actual test.

Thankfully I was thoroughly familiar with the pattern of the test so was a little
more comfortable than I would have been otherwise!!

Remember, during those tense hours, any rest break is on your own time!!!  So it
is best to take it if you finish one of your sections before time.

I was confident of getting 310+ but did not exactly know how much I would get till
I got the score.

Most people who get In the 310+ bracket would have had to take some
guesses, especially towards the end of a section. I did too and was quite nervous.

In Reality when I finished the test I was wondering whether to cancel it, a question
that crosses many a mind!!

Fortunately I did not do that and was quite shocked when I got a  whopping score
of 330!!!

GRE Tutoring
Is it worth the money?

Introductory Courses

I am a staunch believer In Self Study. Most (though not all, especially quant!!) of
the concepts tested In GRE are around the High School level.

However, if you have been out of touch with basic Quant and English for
sometime, it does make sense to go In for an introductory two day course.

The important thing is to do serious preparation on your own after you have done
such a course.

Private Tutoring

This does help!!

However, In order to get the best out of your money (you won’t get too much time
with your tutor!!), it is best to clearly identify you weak areas and inform your tutor
about them so that he/she is sufficiently prepared.

I think Private Tutoring should be treated more as an exception for things that
you find too difficult to understand rather than for covering the whole syllabus.

So, that was how Keiron did it.

Keiron was a student of my-GRE and employed the exclusive strategies to
increase his score dramatically.

You can find detailed strategies for each of the GRE sections, and tips for
scoring 99 percentile in the ebook   
Ways of the New GRE Winners.

This  guide was originally prepared exclusively for students who take private
coaching from my-GRE.

Now it is being made available for anyone who is aiming at 300+ score in the
After my first two attempts at the GRE, I was
really desperate!!!  I was consistently scoring
above 300 in the Practice tests, but somehow
never got beyond
270 during the actual exam.
And then I heard of the 'Ways of the New GRE
Winners' through a friend.
That I must say was the end of my misery!!
Applying the strategies and the mental
training in this book, I came out with flying
colors and got into the college of my choice.

Tim R.
(GRE 310)   
Cal-Tech. I knew that I really needed to
shine on the GRE, more so since my
grades were just about average.
Leaving nothing to chance I took an
extensive round of private tutoring, but still
ended up with a dismal 250.
After reading the 'Ways' I finally realized
where my weaknesses lay. It was not the
lack of knowledge, you can find that in the
scores of commonly available books, it was
the approach to this unique exam, the
mental prep bits and the key strategies to
tackle each section. Glad to say I finally
make it with a score of 320.

Roger M. (GRE 320)
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