Verbal Question-Bank for GRE Winners

An exhaustive 300+ Page Question Bank with over 500 fully solved  problems
covering ALL areas of GRE Verbal

It is difficult to understand GRE Verbal conceptually, even though it is all High School level stuff.

Moreover, under time pressure, it is all too common to see students fumbling about with their
text completion & their vocab, losing precious time.

What is needed is to be able to look at a problem, and have a
A-ha, I have seen it before,

And that is what the Winners do.

Most winners are so well conversant with the concepts, that they don't have to spend too much  
time thinking  about how to approach the problem, and which rules to apply.

How do they do this? With Practice, Practice and more Practice.

After you have gone through the theory, you should try to solve as many different problems as
you can get your hand on.

This is where the Verbal Question Bank for GRE Winners comes in.

Unique features of the Verbal Question Bank for GRE Winners

Comprehensive coverage of GRE analogy .
(You will never struggle with an Analogy Question again!)

- Over 500 fully Solved Questions covering ALL topics of GRE Verbal
(Check out some Sample Questions from the book here)

    All questions Fully explained .

    Questions based around REAL GRE Questions that have appeared in the recent past.

    Majority of questions are at the 90 Percentile+ level to give you thorough practice.

- Focus on the following
important topics

    Text Completion (including complete theory & Top Tips)

    Reading Comprehension Questions with Explanations

    Sentence Equivalence Questions with Explanations.

- Instant Delivery: Since this is an eBook, you will be able to download it instantaneously after
you have made the payment.

- Check out over 200 sample questions with complete explanations from the Verbal Question
Bank for GRE Winners.

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